TDoR 2021 / 2021 / March / 10 / Drika Rodrigues Sales

Drika Rodrigues Sales

Age 26

10 Mar 2021
Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil)

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Drika Rodrigues Sales

Drika was shot in the head by unidentified suspects in a vehicle, shortly after a client had refused to pay her. She died at the scene.

Manaus - A trans woman, identified so far only by her birth name, [deadname] Rodrigues Sales, 30 [other reports say 26], was murdered at dawn on Thursday (11), on Avenida Brigadeiro Hilário Gurjão, in the Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, east zone of Manaus.

According to preliminary information, she allegedly was conducting programs and was in the area by 12:00 am, when some men arrived in a vehicle and shot at her about five times. Of the five shots, one hit her in the region of the head.

Military police officers from the 25th Interactive Community Company (Cicom) responded to the incident and rendered first aid. The model of the car used by the suspects remains unknown and those involved have not yet been identified.

The Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) sent the victim still alive to the Hospital and Emergency Room Dr João Lúcio, located on Avenida Cosme Ferreira, Coroado neighborhood, east of the capital.

After a few hours in the hospital, the trans woman died from her injuries. The information is contained in the report of the Instituto Médico Legal (IML).

According to information from the victim's family members, she was reportedly involved with an unknown client, who refused to pay for her services. Afterwards she had taken some of his valuables as a guarantee of payment of the debt. The victim's father says that she had been threatened by this suspect.

Report added: 13 Mar 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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