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Name Unknown

8 Mar 2021
Piraquara, Paraná (Brazil)

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Name Unknown

The victim was killed at the behest of a drug dealer to prevent her reporting the dealer to the police.

A debt of R $ 5,000 led a drug user to kill a [trans woman] in Piraquara, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba (RMC). According to the Civil Police, the crime occurred at the behest of a drug dealer, since the victim intended to report her for trafficking to the police. Both were arrested and investigations into the case were concluded on Wednesday (10).

The investigation began after the family informed the police that the victim disappeared last Friday (5). “I had just arrested the woman in the act, for trafficking. So, I was on duty at the Central de Flagrantes in the metropolitan region and I knew that there was this police report (BO) talking about her disappearance”, said delegate Nasser Salmen to Banda B.

Three days later, on Monday (8), the body of the [trans woman] was found. The delegate said that the [trans woman] was killed with about 10 to 12 stab wounds. This, therefore, was the way that the principal of the crime found to “forgive” the user for the value of the narcotics he bought.

“The drug dealer, aware of the debt and possible complaint, asked the user to commit the murder. So, the boy took the [trans woman] into a bush in exchange for sexual services, but then stabbed her,” explained Salmen.

The perpetrator was arrested in the act and will be charged with murder and concealment of a corpse. The woman, who was already responsible for trafficking, will also answer in court as co-author of this crime.

Report added: 13 Mar 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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