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Jesús Ochandio ("La Ochandio")

Age 68

6 Mar 2021
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Jesús Ochandio ("La Ochandio")
Jesús Ochandio ("La Ochandio") [photo:]

Jesús was an actor and drag artist. His alter-ego was "La Ochandio".

At dawn on March 6, residents of the Jorge Newbery neighborhood of Mar del Plata were alerted by smoke from a fire that had broken out in the house on 210 and Colón streets. Once the firefighters were able to suffocate it, they discovered inside the body of its resident, Alberto Jesús Ochandio, 68 years old. The autopsy requested by Prosecutor No. 5 by Dr. Alejandro Pellegrinelli revealed the presence of more than twenty stab wounds. The viciousness, violence and the intention to burn the body to erase traces is typical of a hate crime, activists denounce.

Two days after the crime, the alleged murderer was arrested: a 27-year-old man with blood-stained clothes and some of the victim's belongings. The young man had a sex-affective relationship with Jesus. Despite the fact that in his statement in court he denied the charges, he continues to be detained in the 44th Criminal Unit of Batán and the prosecution has fifteen days - which can be extended - to advance with the investigation and request preventive detention.

"Solidary. Militant, says Cintia. He cooked in the community dining room La Ollita, which distributed food for 200 families. I was also happy because this year I was going to start teaching theater classes for free ”. The courses were scheduled at Casa Pueblo Unidos, the space for social, labor and political training to which he belonged.

La Ochandio was in her character as a transforming actor and humorist who with great talent displayed characters with whom she built comedy pieces.

Cintia saw him on Friday, the day before his death, and told him that he had received his salary. However, you cannot link your crime with a robbery. “It is a hate crime for their affective sex orientation. The one who was arrested was his partner who set him on fire to cover up the evidence ”.

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