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Natasha da Paz Gomes

23 Feb 2021
Feira de Santana, Bahia (Brazil)

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Natasha da Paz Gomes
Natasha da Paz Gomes [photo:]

Natasha was shot in the street by an unidentified assailant early in the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd February. She died at the scene.

The [trans woman] identified by the name of [deadname] da Paes Gomes was murdered with several shots in the early afternoon of Tuesday (23/02/2021), around 12:30 pm. The crime took place on Rua Barbosa, at the back of Residencial Laranjeiras, located in the Mangabeira neighborhood in Feira de Santana.

According to information from residents, [deadname] was walking down the street when she was surprised by an unidentified man, who drew a gun from his waist and shot her several times in the face, ear, back of the head and one of her feet.

According to the police, the [trans woman] died at the scene and the killer fled. A garrison of the 66th Independent Company of Military Police (CIPM), went to the site and after verifying the death informed the technical police.

Police officers from the Investigation Service of the Homicide and Personnel Protection Police (DHPP), under the command of police officer Felipe Ghiraldelli, came to the crime scene, where they carried out the cadaverous survey and initiated the first investigations.

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