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Lucca Gomes Souto

Age 23

17 Feb 2021
Naque, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Lucca Gomes Souto
Lucca Gomes Souto [photo:]

Lucca died after his motocycle swerved into the path of an oncoming truck on the BR-381 highway. According to Observatório Trans, his death was by suicide.

Lucca Gomes - suicide - Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais/Brazil, 23 years old. 17/02/2021

Lucca Gomes Souto, 23, died on Wednesday afternoon (17) while driving a motorcycle along the federal highway, when he crashed his Honda PCX 150 against a truck at kilometer 210 of the BR-381 between Naque and Periquito. The violent impact killed the young man instantly.

Diário do Aço learned that Lucca was driving a motorcycle and, for reasons unknown, swerved several meters in the opposite direction. The truck driver told witnesses at the crash site that he tried to avoid the collision, but had no chance to do so. After the crash the truck ended up in undergrowth at the side of the highway.

We lost! The world loses, society loses, I lose... The theme CIS won this time! And that's exactly why I wake up every day, work, hurt, fight, fight, fight, fight often lonely, incomprehensible...

Sometimes we get tired... Tired of not seeing this shit world get better, of not seeing people be better... Tired of seeing so many people suffering, sad that they can't be who they are and be respected for it. There's no space, there's no opening, there's no... 14 years working mostly with and for LGBTI people and families and even more with trans people and families... And nothing compares to today. To the pain of today...

Yes, a psychologist also cries, it's also people... And today I cry... I cry for another one of our people who surrendered to all of this... Who fought, fought, fought, fought, but what a tired! Yes TRANSFOBIA KILLS It kills everyday! Kill and destroy many families!

Amazing, sweet, caring, fun boy who I didn't get to meet in person and not to hug, because we met in the pandemic. Yes, our paths crossed... And I'm grateful! Yes, grateful to every word, every share, every moment shared. Time was short, but it was very powerful! Confidence! You believed and surrendered! And you could feel part of it! Part of what I've always wanted... That you've always kept...

I leave all my affection to the loving parents, Rosilene and Sérgio; to their family members; to their love, Tha; to friends... Ah... the carnival... how loved the carnival... We had already agreed to scrub in what comes ... there was no time... could not...

A sensation of helplessness... Punch in the stomach... A lack of breath, lack of hope, lack... But tomorrow is the day of a fresh start... Day to lift your head and continue... Fighting, fighting, fighting... Still haven't given up on doing something... not yet... but it hurts...

Thank you, LUCCA GOMES SOUTO-@transinho_, the sweetest '' transinho ''! I will continue to fight, for all and for so many, reminding myself of that smile

Lucca's Facebook and Instagram profiles are and

Source: Observatório Trans

Report added: 20 Feb 2021. Last updated: 10 Oct 2021

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