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Ygona Moura

Age 23

27 Jan 2021
São Paulo (Brazil)

Ygona Moura
Ygona Moura [photo:]

Ygona died in hospital from COVID-19. She had survived an attempted assassination by her own brother in November 2020, and at the time of her death she was homeless.

Influencer Ygona Moura died last night, aged 23, after spending days in hospital for complications caused by covid-19. Her body was buried today at 11 am, in the cemetery of Vila Formosa, in the East Zone of São Paulo.

Ygona went viral on social media for sharing funny videos and also making fun of the agglomerations she participated in during the pandemic, but her story is much more tragic than it looks.

Assuming she was gay at 16, Ygona reported that she had difficulty finding a job because she was black and fat. In addition, she lived on a war footing with her mother, who did not accept her. "At home, my mother says she accepts my sexual option, but she has even denied me a plate of food just because I was out of work," recalled Ygona, in an interview with National Geographic in December.

At 20, she discovered she was trans and ended up looking for prostitution. "I got my first wig, got on and never stopped. It was a way to learn and appreciate myself too, I never believed it would attract the attention of men", she says, in the same interview.

Shortly before the start of the pandemic, she had found a formal job, and reestablished a link with her family. But with the spread of the virus, she was fired and said that she suffered again at the hands of relatives.

With no job or perspective, Ygona became known for the funny videos she shared on Instagram. In November last year, however, the crisis peaked when she was kicked out of the home after an argument with her brother who, she said, tried to kill her as he did not accept her as trans.

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