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Natalia Maldonado

Age 24

10 Jan 2021
Granadero Baigorria, Santa Fe (Argentina)

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Natalia Maldonado
Natalia Maldonado [photo:]

Natalia was shot in a drive by shooting early on Sunday 11th January. She died in hospital.

The gunman who killed her was subsequently identified and arrested.

A 24-year-old trans woman was killed early this Sunday during a gunshot attack in Granadero Baigorria. In the same incident a 20-year-old man was hospitalized after being injured. He is out of danger.

According to information provided by the Public Prosecutor's Office (MPA), the attack occurred in the Montevideo area at 1300 when at least three unidentified people traveling by car fired multiple shots against a group of people who were on a public road.

The victim was taken to Eva Perón Hospital in serious condition and shortly afterwards her death was reported as a result of gunshot wounds to the chest, abdomen and upper limbs.

Like many trans women in Latin America, Natalia had to do sex work to survive. She wanted to study instead, but her circumstances precluded that.

Natalia Maldonado was 24 when a flurry of gunfire ended her life. She wanted to start studying and quit sex work - a way of making living to which transgender women are still condemned despite the efforts of the areas of the State and the LGTBIQ + collective to build decent lives. Her friends and relatives remember her as a faithful, loving, companion and a defender of the trans community.

Natalia lived alone in a house located in the Nuestra Señora de La Paz neighborhood, on a street known as Camino Muerto, in the southwest of Granadero Baigorria. THher economic situation was not the best at the time. And although she was not an activist in any group, she received food bags from the community to help her to weather the economic crisis, as she was dedicated to sex work like so many other girls.

Those who knew Natalia Maldonado "since she was 11 years old" tell us that she was a good friend who she had no problems with anyone. "She had a strong character but that did not stop her from being a good, kind and loving person," Natalia Maldonado's friends, who used to get together during the afternoons, told La Capital.

Natalia's birth family was less accommodating than her friends and neighbours. At her funeral, her mother deadnamed and misgendered her.

On Thursday 14th January a 23 year old was charged with her murder.

Micael Z., 23, was charged and detained for 60 days preventive detention this Thursday by prosecutors Adrián Spelta and Aquiles Balbis. He is so far the only person arrested for the murder of Natalia Maldonado, the 24-year-old trans woman who was shot on Sunday night in a corner of Granadero Baigorria, and is formally accused of the crimes of intentional homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm, in a degree of consummate as a functional co-author. An attempted crime was also attributed to him, as a 20-year-old was injured in the shooting.

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