TDoR 2021 / 2020 / December / 22 / Oreinha


Age 21 (born 22 Dec 1999)

22 Dec 2020
Cruzeiro do Sul, Rio Largo, Alagoas (Brazil)

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Oreinha [photo:]

Oreinha's body was found in a ditch. Earlier that day she had been celebrating her birthday with friends.

The 21-year-old transsexual [woman], who was found dead on Tuesday (22), in Cruzeiro do Sul, in Rio Largo, Metropolitan Region of Maceió, was born in Palmeira dos Índios, Agreste de Alagoas. She was known as “Oreinha” and was killed on her birthday.

According to the police, she was hit in the head with a concrete bar. Family members informed Todo Segundo that the victim had celebrated her birthday hours earlier on a beach in Maceió and had later left with friends.

The police are working on the possibility that she was called to the scene for an ambush. Marks on the floor indicate that she was dragged from the crime scene to the spawning site, a few feet away. Police said she was hit in the head with a concrete bar. It is not yet known who committed the crime.

The victim lived for a long time at her grandmother's house, in the São Francisco neighborhood, in Palmeira dos Índios. The victim's body will be buried in the São Gonçalo Cemetery, in Palmeira.

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