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Fonthoi Lima

16 Dec 2020
Indaiatuba, São Paulo (Brazil)

Fonthoi Lima
Fonthoi Lima [photo:]

Fonthoi died by suicide. They had recently come out as nonbinary.

18 - Fonthoi Lima, Indaiatuba, São Paulo - 12/17/2020

I have just buried one of the most special people in my life, Fonthoi Lima. Yesterday, around 12 noon, we received a call that said Fonthoi had committed suicide. Fonthoi was an LGBTQIA + person, who lately was recognizing [themself] as a non-binary person (that is, a person who did not identify with either the male, nor with the female, who was outside this binary) and who constantly denounced the violations that a dissident, black body suffers in this society.

Fonthoi couldn't take all this violence and decided to end all suffering by taking [their] own life, and so we lost a great person, who, in truth, did not commit suicide, but was killed by this LGBTIphobic and racist society. Anyone who knows Fonthoi knows the huge heart [they] had, their kindness, sweetness, empathy and sensitivity and how much [they] taught us, even at the time of [their] death, as [they] were dressed socially in women's clothing and with red nails, obviously aiming to show us part of who [they] really were, showing [their] desire, [their] identity - so long repressed by fear.

Fonthoi's Facebook profile is

Source: Observatório Trans

Report added: 2 Jan 2021

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