TDoR 2021 / 2020 / December / 11 / Sudarshan Suryavanshi

Sudarshan Suryavanshi

Age 21

11 Dec 2020
Latur, Maharashtra (India)

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Sudarshan Suryavanshi

Sudarshan died after being beaten by their partner.

LATUR: A 21-year-old man was arrested in Latur in Maharashtra after a transgender person he allegedly assaulted earlier this week died while undergoing treatment, police said on Saturday. Hadgaon tehsil resident Sudarshan Suryavanshi (21) and accused Sunil Rathod of Chakur were in a relationship which the latter wanted to end and this caused a fight between the two on Tuesday, an official said.

"Rathod hit Suryavanshi with a stick and fled, and passersby took the latter to hospital. Suryavanshi died on Friday after which we arrested Rathod," he added.

Report added: 14 Dec 2020. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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