TDoR 2021 / 2020 / November / 29 / Camille Rocha

Camille Rocha

Age 54

29 Nov 2020
Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Camille Rocha
Camille Rocha [photo:]

Camille died in hospital on Sunday 29th November. Three days earlier she had been beaten in the street, but the cause of her death was later confirmed to have been COVID-19.

The patient JCGR, 54 years old (Camille Rocha - social name) was admitted to the Service Center for Covid-19 (attached to the UPA de Patos de Minas) on 11/28/2020 (Saturday), at 2:48 pm, with a cough, shortness of breath and after having had a fever for three days. She was promptly evaluated by the doctor on duty, who requested tests and hospitalization.

Camille reported pain in her body due to physical aggression suffered on 11/26/2020, but in the X-ray and clinical exams, no injury was found. Chest radiography and laboratory tests showed extensive pneumonia, and due to the characteristics, the suspicion of Covid remained. The patient had an old clavicle fracture which was already in the process of healing.

Camille remained hospitalized and reported having problems related to immunity. She did not use her medications as indicated, which resulted in a progressive worsening of her condition.

At around 11 pm on Saturday, the patient developed a worsening of her respiratory condition, requiring tracheal intubation. She remained on mechanical ventilation in a very serious condition and, at 6:30 pm on 11/29/2020 (Sunday), she suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and died.

The patient was reexamined by the physician √Člcio Moreira Alves (technical director responsible for the UPA), who found no physical injury that could justify the death or that motivated the need for an autopsy exam. The clinical history and laboratory tests are clear and conclude that the patient died of respiratory failure. UPA is still waiting for the result of the PCR-RT exam to confirm the cause of death.

Report added: 11 Dec 2020. Last updated: 2 Jan 2021

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