TDoR 2021 / 2020 / November / 27 / Cristina Hernández Castillo ("La Bimbo")

Cristina Hernández Castillo ("La Bimbo")

Age 26

27 Nov 2020
Jáltipan, Veracruz (Mexico)

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Cristina Hernández Castillo ("La Bimbo")

Cristina was shot by unidentified assailants while she was transporting construction materials in a wheelbarrow.

The young Cristina Hernández Castillo - better known as La Bimbo - was executed while she was working carrying [construction materials] at a private home on calle Leandro Valle in the San Miguel neighborhood.

According to the account, Cristina Hernández Castillo, 26, who had a known address in the San Cristóbal neighborhood, was moving [construction materials] using a wheelbarrow from the street to the patio of an address located in calle Leandro Valle, between Sotomayor Harriman and Nacional de la Colonia San Miguel.

Two men arrived on a motorcycle, one entering the home and shooting the woman in the back four times, leaving her lying in agony. The hitmen left in the same way they arrived and then fled the scene.

Cristina Hernández, alias La Bimbo, wore denim pants and an olive green shirt. Her body suffered four gunshot wounds, two to the head, one to the chest and the other to the abdomen.

Her sister, who was at the location, could not believe what happened and tried to save her life by requesting help. Elements of the Municipal Police and then Civil Protection arrived at the scene. When the latter arrived they confirmed that the woman had no vital signs.

Report added: 6 Dec 2020. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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