TDoR 2021 / 2020 / November / 12 / Soledad Rojas Paúcar ("Shisha")

Soledad Rojas Paúcar ("Shisha")

Age 48

12 Nov 2020
El Tambo, Huancayo, Junin (Peru)

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Soledad Rojas Paúcar ("Shisha")
Soledad Rojas Paúcar ("Shisha") [photo:]

Shisha's body was found with stab wounds to the neck in her mini-market premises in the Mariscal Castilla district. She had also been robbed.

Soledad Rojas Paúcar (48), also known as Shisha, was murdered on November 12 in her “Rojas” mini-market located in block 19 of Mariscal Castilla, in the district of El Tambo, Huancayo, Sierra del Peru. They found her inside her premises stabbed in the neck and nape.

According to initial investigations, there had been a previous meeting at the victim's premises. Shisha did not appear to have resisted the attack, so it is thought that the perpetrator might have been someone known to her. The murderer stole her savings of approximately 7 thousand sols. Neighbors point out that despite the fact that the location is close to the Municipality, there are no surveillance cameras on the streets that could help to find Shisha's killer.

Shisha was a hard worker who was integrated into her community and well-liked. She used to sell mazamorras and chicha at local fairs and participated in local festivities as a tunantera (a typical dance in the region). During the pandemic, she had rented her premises to sell groceries.

Soledad is one of those remembered in "Resistiendo por Justicia" by Proyecto Cancionar ("The Song Project"):

A group of feminist activists will join their voices in a collective song called "Resistiendo por Justicia", as a call for justice in the cases of gender violence that have taken place in the country. It will take the form of publicity both through social networks and artistic performances in public places.

The 19 voices who will perform the song were selected after a call through social networks. As a result 10 musicians, a feminist batucada, musical techniques and graphic artists will take part.

The activists will meet and perform at 3pm [on 25th November] in Don Bosco Park in In Huancayo. At 6pm there will be a vigil in the Plaza de la Constitución.


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