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Özge Bilir

Age 25

10 Nov 2020
Utrecht (Netherlands)

Özge Bilir
Özge Bilir [photo:]

Özge was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend, against whom a restraining order had previously been issued.

The woman who was stabbed to death in a house in Utrecht at the beginning of this week is Özge Bilir, a 25-year-old transgender woman from Turkey. This is the first fatal transgender victim in the Netherlands this year, Trans United Europe confirms.

According to friends and relatives, the ex-boyfriend is the arrested suspect. The Dutch authorities do not want to say anything about it and talk about a good acquaintance of the victim.

In the Dutch trans and rainbow community, the violent death of Özge hit like a bomb. The same sad reactions could be heard on Facebook and Twitter. 'Not Ozge, surely? The Özge from Utrecht? That sweet spontaneous and cheerful woman, known for her fun live streams on social media? That happy party animal who just wanted people to laugh?'

Friends describe 25-year-old Özge Bilir as a resilient person whose boundless energy and tenacity allowed her to become who she wanted to become: an ambitious, strong woman.

Subsequently her ex-boyfriend Ilias A, 25, was sentenced to eight years in prison (with compulsary treatment for his addictions) for the crime of manslaughter.

UTRECHT - 25-year-old Ilias A. from Utrecht has been sentenced to eight years in prison and tbs with compulsory treatment. Last November he stabbed his girlfriend with a knife during an argument in her apartment in Leidsche Rijn. The woman died of her injuries. The penalty is equal to the requirement of the Public Prosecution Service .

The 25-year-old victim Özge Bilir was well-known within the transgender world. She was transgender herself and via social media she reported a lot about her transition. Her violent death sparked many sad and bewildered reactions.

The woman lived at Jan Wolkerssingel. She lived there in a sheltered housing. In the evening of November 10, she got into an argument with her friend Ilias A. He stated that he went to the kitchen to get a knife. He said that he made three striking movements towards his girlfriend. The third time he hit her.

Two weeks ago, the Utrecht court zoomed in on the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. They knew each other from high school and went down the wrong path together. A. and his girlfriend used a lot of drugs together. Although that worsened their relationship, the two continued to see each other. Even when the woman in Leidsche Rijn went to live in a protected housing on the Jan Wolkerssingel.

The quarrels escalated to such an extent that A. received a restraining order. He smashed everything in her home and threatened her with a knife. A. was convicted for this, but it went wrong again last November. The two had used GHB and A. had been drinking and snorting cocaine. They again clashed, but this time resulting in a fatal stabbing.

The suspect's lawyer asked for an acquittal because it could not be ruled out that the victim himself fell into the knife during the quarrel. In addition, it has not been proven that the suspect intentionally wanted to kill his girlfriend. The court acknowledges that there is no evidence that the man actually intended to kill his girlfriend.

He has, however, been charged with 'conditional intent'. By making stabbing movements with a knife several times, at a short distance, he took the risk that he could kill the victim, according to the judge. On the basis of the statements of the suspect himself and the pathological examination, the court established that there was no question of an accident in which the victim himself was stabbed.

The criminal lawyer also argued that it cannot be ruled out that the man had to defend himself against violence by the victim. Although the suspect was missing a tooth, the court does not agree with this either. A. has stated to the police that he no longer remembers when or how he lost this tooth. At the hearing, he said that he received a blow or kick during the argument with the victim, but it has not become clear when or why this happened. Moreover, A. has never stated that this was the reason for him to take the knife.

On the basis of this, the court ruled that [murder] was not plausible and convicted the man of manslaughter. According to experts, the Utrecht resident has psychological problems, including an addiction disorder. In addition to the prison sentence of eight years and TBS with compulsory treatment, A. must pay the victim's mother compensation of more than 24,000 euros.

Özge's name was not included in the official TDoR 2021 memorial list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2021.

Report added: 23 Nov 2021. Last updated: 26 Nov 2021

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