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Mía Zabala Gutiérrez ("Mía Colluchi")

8 Nov 2020
Playa Grande, Amapala, Valle (Honduras)

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Mía Zabala Gutiérrez ("Mía Colluchi")
Mía Zabala Gutiérrez ("Mía Colluchi") [photo:]

Mía was a volunteer for Asociación LGTB Horus. Her partially clothed body was found lying in bushes on Sunday 8th November.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- The crime against the transsexual activist Mía Zavala, whose body was found in a quiet location in the municipality of Amalapa, Valle, in the south of the country on Sunday, November 8 remains unsolved. Mía Collucci - as the victim was known - was a volunteer for the Asociación LGTB Horus.

The body of the trans girl, who wore a gray t-shirt and blue denim pants, was found semi-naked and lying in the bushes in the community of Playa Grande in Amapala. The activist from the Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual, Bisexual and Intersex (LGTBI) community lived in the community of Playa Negra, Isla del Tigre, in the Gulf of Fonseca.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), stated that actions aimed at guaranteeing the right to life of trans people in Honduras should have been prevented this crime.

The hate crime was condemned by local organizations, such as the Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Peninsula de Zacate Grande (ADEPZA), and the Red de Defensores/as de Derechos Humanos del Sur (REDEHSUR), lamenting the attack that ended Mía's life.

So far the authorities have not reported who might be responsible for the hate crime that has shocked the inhabitants of the Zacate Grade peninsula, who are demanding that the municipal and investigative authorities apply the law against those responsible.

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