TDoR 2021 / 2020 / October / 18 / Gabriela Ramírez

Gabriela Ramírez

Age 19

18 Oct 2020
El Alto, Le Paz (Bolivia)

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Gabriela Ramírez
Gabriela Ramírez [photo:]

Gabriela was killed in a hostel. A client is suspected to have been responsible.

A young transsexual [woman] who had started a life with her new identity died from the nineteen stab wounds caused by her perpetrator in the Bolivian city of El Alto, activist Luna Humerez informed Efe on Thursday.

Humerez said that the event occurred at dawn last Sunday in a hostel in a b neighborhood of the city and without leaving any trace of the alleged murderer, since the accommodation "does not have cameras" and "does not have a record" of the person who accompanied Gabriela R. and who is believed to be her alleged assailant,

The activist, who is also president of the Organization of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgender of Bolivia (OTRAF), stated that Gabriela, 19, had just finished high school and "had the intention of pursuing a university degree."

"She was engaged in sex work and we presume that the murderer was a client," she said.

Gabriela had left her native Guayaramerín, an Amazonian town on the border with Brazil more than 1,000 kilometers from El Alto, because she wanted to put her identity in reserve and "become the woman she has always wanted to be," said the OTRAF leader.

The activist even pointed out that the young woman had completed her "transition", that is, those steps that turned her into a "complete trans woman" and that she was a "quiet" and well liked person within that group.

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