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Jeanine Huerta López

27 Aug 2020
Tijuana, Baja California (Mexico)
Beaten and stabbed

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Jeanine Huerta López
Jeanine Huerta López [photo:]

Jeanine was found beaten and stabbed in her home late on Thursday 27th August. She had last been seen alive on 24th August.

Jeanine Huerta was a transgender woman, activist, health and rights advocate for the trans community, loyal friend, and beloved daughter. She was found dead on the night of Thursday, August 27, in the living room of her house located in the Francisco Villa neighborhood of the city of Tijuana. Her body showed signs of blows to the face and stab wounds. Those who knew her say it is a murder by transphobia, because she had no problems with anyone.

People close to Janine reported that she was seen alive for the last time on Monday, August 24, when she went to celebrate a birthday in the company of friends, but, as of Tuesday, August 25, she stopped responding to messages on her cell phone; On Wednesday they tried to contact her by calls and messages on her different social networks without success, so on the afternoon of Thursday, August 27, they went to look for her at her apartment, fearing that something had happened to her.

When they arrived at the home, around 8 pm, they noticed that the trunk of Jeanine's vehicle was open, a sign that made them believe that she was at home, however, when they got closer they received a strange smell, which they tried to ignore. They yelled out her name several times waiting for her to come out, but she never came. Given the lack of response, they tried to open the main door of the apartment, found it open, and entered calling her. Inside the building, the fetid smell became stronger, and at the entrance they detected traces of blood and found the room in disarray. Everything had been moved and it was clear that some electronic devices had been taken.

“We saw the dump, from the front door you could see the living room and its kitchen. On the right side is the living room and we noticed that it was all turned over, removed, thrown away, and the TV was not there, there was a lot of blood in the mere entrance of the house, and when looking at the side of the kitchen on the left side, Jeanine's body was lying on the floor, covered from the top with a black cloth but only wearing her underwear,” said one of the people interviewed.

After the discovery, they called 911.

Like many trans women in Latin America, Janine was a sex worker by necessity - but she spent most of her time working at Centro de Servicios Ser AC to promote the sexual and reproductive health of trans women.

“This is how she arrived, looking for a space to feel safe, a space to share with her community, a space to watch over the human rights of the other girls; She always said, I don't want to be part of the statistic, I don't want to be just another statistic, and she always looked for support from the other girls, and let's hope it's not just another statistic, that this time justice will be achieved in her name, ”Padilla said.

Jeanine always sought to support the trans community, accompanying people who were seeking to change their name and gender on the birth certificate throughout Baja California, whom she advised to carry out their process and the steps to follow.

“I remember Jeanine as a strong woman, I will always remember her as a proactive woman, always looking for improvement, she worked for a long time in an over-wheel, sold clothes, because there was a resistance in her, in which her story was going to be different, she trusted that there would be working conditions for trans women… She was committed to her community, she did not seek recognition, she always worked behind the scenes”, noted the director of Centro Servicios Ser.

In May, Jeanine had given an interview to Zeta Tijuana in which she recounted the way in which trans women who perform sex work are discriminated against by the health authorities and intimidated by the police.


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