TDoR 2020 / 2020 / August / 22 / Luara Redfield ("Red")

Luara Redfield ("Red")

Age 23

22 Aug 2020
Mairinque, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Luara Redfield ("Red")
Luara Redfield ("Red") [photo:]

Luara's body was found after she had been missing for 12 days. Her boyfriend was arrested and subsequently confessed to killing her.

The father of the young transsexual [woman] Luara Redfield, who was found dead after spending 12 days missing in Mairinque (SP), vented about her daughter's boyfriend after the boy was arrested and confessed to the crime.

Luis Henrique Leandro Ferreira, who is a pastor, told G1 that he was indignant to learn of the crime and dismissed the possibility of it having been committed out of jealousy. According to the father, they had been together for about six months.

"It wasn't just a crime leveraged by jealousy. Killing like that and hiding the corpse from me doesn't fit. He fits into psychopathy. He's devoid of feeling, of love, of compassion. Cold and calculating. A guy totally without feeling. Crossing his path is destruction and death. This is the trail he leaves wherever he goes and has to be caught", he explains.

Luara disappeared on August 10 and, on the 22, her body was found in an advanced state of decomposition in Jardim Vitória. Her boyfriend Jhonatan Richard de Lima Moreira, 18, was taken to the police station and confessed to the crime.

Luara was apparently a very good natured person. One of her friends said this about her:

"I never met anyone as sweet and someone as good as she was. Even when she was mistreated for being who she was, for being transgender, she remained firm, polite, and never got into a fight."

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Lua, I know we were not so united and close, in common sense they would call us "friends of rolê". I met you 3 years ago at a party in Cidade Tiradentes and since then we have always run into each other. It was always a lot of fun to meet you, you always had an amazing make up and I loved it, when you moved inland I even watched the make up tutorials that you did once in a while on Facebook, always with your humor.

Another thing I followed from afar was your transition process, I always treated you as a female, until then they were how we all treated us, but it was still good to know that I always saw you as you really were. Not so long ago that you posted how happy you were that your breasts were growing ...

The point is, no one deserves to go through what you went through, NOBODY! Your death is still turning my heart over with a lot of pain, you went to São Roque to have a chance, an opportunity. I feel powerless, afraid, absolutely shaken and not much else to be done.

All that you deserve now is justice, that the authorities do what has to be done to reach the person responsible for all this pain, an LGBTQ + life gone once more, until when?

Subsequently a memorial was built at the location where her body was found.

A memorial was built at the location where the young trans [woman] Luara Redfield was found dead 12 days after disappearing, in Mairinque (SP). At the scene, several photos of the young woman with family and friends were spread. In addition, flowers, a flag in the colors of the LGBTQIA + movement and signs with the words "Trans lives matter" were also placed.

Her father, Luis Henrique Leandro Ferreira, told G1 that he had the idea to honor his daughter.

"In the place where they found her body, the last image I want of her, we are making a garden. A corner where violence abounded, now beauty abounds. The seed that she left, grows and blooms".

In December 2020 the artist Miranda Caê released the song "Leve" ["Light"] in Luara's memory.

On 11th August 2022 Jonathan Richard de Lima Moreira, 18, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for her murder.

Luara's Facebook profile is

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