TDoR 2020 / 2020 / August / 22 / Lorena María del Luján Riquel

Lorena María del Luján Riquel

Age 39

22 Aug 2020
Rosario, Santa Fe (Argentina)

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Lorena María del Luján Riquel
Lorena María del Luján Riquel [photo:]

Lorena was beaten over the head with cement blocks. Police are investigating whether the perpetrator of the crime sexually abused her before killing her.

Her name was Lorena María del Luján Riquel, she was 39 years old, she was a breadwinner: she had three children. She made a living as she could, it was a struggle. Those who knew her said she had a stand at a fair located in the property known as “la quinta Luciani” in the western area, sold stockings on the street and was a sex worker.

From the beginning she was part of the Bella Vista Classist and Combative Current (CCC) and marched with this group in every event of the social organization. She was a fighter.

At dawn this Saturday she was savagely murdered at Rueda 5500. The attacker attacked her, took off some of her clothes and hit her on the head until she was killed. Then he walked off in the victim's slippers.

The femicide of Lorena Riquel was reminiscent of that of Caren Peralta, murdered in a downtown apartment with a blow to the head last February. They were both sex workers. Gabriela, from the Ammar union, said that they are struck by the fact that it is the second femicide by the same method: killed by blows to the head.

The union of sex workers is accompanying the family and in contact with the Prosecutor's Office. Some of its members decided to go to the scene to find out what happened and the details of the case are really macabre. “They expose the contempt for the life of a woman, who is harassed and fiercely attacked by a man. A clear sample of the worst face of patriarchy”, they described.

A suspect was arrested on 25th August.

A 32-year-old man was arrested at dawn this Tuesday (25) for being suspected of being the alleged perpetrator of the brutal femicide of Lorena María del Luján Riquel, which occurred last Saturday in Rueda at 5500. He was apprehended in an operation carried out by the Brigade of Homicides of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) in Rio de Janeiro at 2800.

The detainee, identified as Carlos Daniel B., was found by the security force in front of his home in Rio de Janeiro at 2800. He has a peculiarity: he has a tear tattooed on his left cheekbone. He was transferred to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Agency, where he was held incommunicado by order of the criminal homicide prosecutor Georgina Pairola.

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