TDoR 2020 / 2020 / June / 30 / Veronica Ferreira de Lima ("Veronica Xexel")

Veronica Ferreira de Lima ("Veronica Xexel")

Age 50

30 Jun 2020
Londrina, Paraná (Brazil)

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Veronica Ferreira de Lima ("Veronica Xexel")
Veronica Ferreira de Lima ("Veronica Xexel") [photo:]

Veronica's half-naked body was found with bodily and head injuries in a residence on the morning of Tuesday 30th June. She had been missing since the 28th.

Late Tuesday morning (30th), the Military Police were called to attend to a finding of a corpse in a residence located on Rua Neptune, in Jardim do Sol in the west of Londrina.

A neighbor to the property where the body was found noticed the absence of the person who lived in the residence since last Sunday (28), and when they went to the house to investigate they found the body of the [trans woman] [deadname] Ferreira de Lima, 50. Her body was already in an advanced state of decomposition.

[Deadname], who used the social name as Verônica, was half-naked and had injuries to the body and head.

The Civil Police, through the Homicide Police Station and a Criminalistics expert gathered evidence at the scene and an investigation is being launched.

Veronica's Facebook profile is

She was identified as a result of the posts ["Veronica Xexel"] and [full deadname].

Report added: 10 Jul 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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