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Draya McCarty

Age 28

30 Jun 2020
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA)
Not reported

Draya McCarty
Draya McCarty [photo:]

Draya was found dead amidst an epidemic of violence against black trans women in the USA. Five other black trans women were killed between 25th June and 3rd July.

The circumstances of her death are not yet known.

As LGBTQ+ Pride month drew to a close, six Black trans women were found dead in a brutal nine-day stretch. Between June 25 and July 3, the bodies of Brayla Stone, Merci Mack, Shaki Peters, Draya McCarty, Tatiana Hall, and Bree Black were all discovered. Each of the victims was between the ages of 17 and 32 at the time of their death, although McCarty’s age has yet to be reported by the media.

In total, at least 22 trans women, the vast majority of whom were Black, have now died as a result of violence in 2020. If this rapid pace continues through the year, 2020 will set a record for violence against the transgender community. At least 27 trans and gender-nonconforming folks were killed in all of 2019, according to the Human Rights Campaign. By the time the last of these women was found, we were only three days into the second half of the year.

The latest killings to be reported are the those of Shaki Peters, Draya McCarty, and Bree Black. Little remains known about the passing of Tatiana Hall, a 22-year-old Irvington, New Jersey resident, after reports of her June 29 death began circulating on social media last week.

The bodies of McCarty and Peters, both from Louisiana, were identified in the Baton Rouge area. Peters, who was found on the side of a road on July 1, was both deadnamed and misgendered by local law enforcement in a press release announcing her death. Louisiana Trans Advocates, a community group based in Baton Rouge, also drew public attention to the death of another Black trans woman, Draya McCarty, on the last day of Pride month.


Report added: 19 Jul 2020. Last updated: 20 Jul 2020

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