TDoR 2020 / 2020 / June / 30 / Beti Santos

Beti Santos

Age 36

30 Jun 2020
São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo (Brazil)

Beti Santos

Beti's body was found with in the street with four gunshot wounds. A gun found on a man after the attempted murder of another trans woman subsquently matched the murder weapon.

The Civil Police of São Bernardo solved on Tuesday (4) a homicide which took place on June 30, after the accused also tried to end the life of a [trans woman] on Monday night (3), in Rua Banda, in Jardim do Sea. According to the police, João Paulo do Nascimento, 42, allegedly went to the central region of the city in order to get revenge on the [trans woman]. According to the killer, he had been robbed by the victim last Sunday.

Based on the address of the owner of the vehicle in the system and the location of the crime, the police established a possible escape route and started the search, successfully on rua Carlos Kapinski.

When they approached, agents spotted Nascimento trying to hide the murder weapon, a 38 caliber Taurus revolver with the serial number scraped off - on the floor of the vehicle. With the weapon in their possession, agents of the SHPP (Superintendence of Homicide and Protection of the Person) of the Deic (State Police of Criminal Investigations) of São Bernardo managed to solve the murder of [deadname] dos Santos Silva, also a [trans wioman], who died on June 30.

According to a record recorded at the 1st DP (Centro), the victim was found lying dead with four gunshot wounds on Rua Carlos Miéle, Centro.

Report added: 10 Aug 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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