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"Lady Gaga"

Age 30

25 Jun 2020
Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil)

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"Lady Gaga"

Gaga was stabbed at least six times after getting on to a Marcos Freire - Bacurau bus while crying for help.

A [trans woman] was murdered with a knife in a bus at the Santa Rita Pier Terminal at dawn on Thursday (25). According to the police, the victim, who appeared to be 30, was stabbed at least six times.

The crime took place on a Marcos Freire / Bacurau bus. The bus driver, who preferred not to identify himself, told the TV Jornal report that the [trans woman] tried to protect herself from the killer on the bus.

“I had the vehicle stopped to leave at 3 am, which was what was expected, when the [trans woman] ran onto the bus, asking for help. It happened so fast that before I could close the door her assailant got on and started stabbing her. I yelled at him not to do that and jumped out of the vehicle to look for another vehicle to call for help. But, unfortunately, it was too late, I was not able to save her”, reported the bus driver.

The victim, who identified herself as "Lady Gaga", died on the spot. The suspect was still found at the terminal with the bloodied knife used. He confessed to the crime. Also according to the driver, the [trans woman] was killed because of jealousy.

The motive appeared to be anger because Gaga was encouraging the assailant's wife to leave him. Perhaps Gaga knew he was violent and that she was in danger too - we'll probably never know.

“It was out of jealousy because the people here started saying that the guy who murdered the [trans woman] said he was doing it because she shouldn't have messed with his wife. She was trying to persuade this guy's wife to leave him, and in a way, she was finding other people for her to relate to. ”

The victim's friend, who also declined to be identified, says that the fight between the killer and the [trans woman] started around midnight. She came to sense her own death.

“She came to me and said, 'let me stay here because I'm going to die today'. I told her 'stay here'. But the other one came, the guy who was demonized and pulled her by the hair. He dragged her through her hair until she managed to get to the bus and then he stabbed her inside the bus,” he said.

The arrested suspect was identified as Daniel José de Freitas, 22. In addition to him, a teenager of 17 was apprehended. They were taken to the Homicide and Personal Protection Department (DHPP) in the neighborhood of Cordeiro, West Zone of Recife, where they were fined in the act.

Report added: 5 Jul 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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