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Dr María Elizabeth Montaño

Age 47

18 Jun 2020
Tres Marías, Morelos (Mexico)
Possible suicide

Dr María Elizabeth Montaño
Dr María Elizabeth Montaño [photo:]

María disappeared on 8th June after leaving work at the National Medical Center in Mexico City. Her body was found on the side of the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway 10 days later.

HUITZILAC, Mor., June 18, 2020.- On Thursday afternoon in the town of Tres Marías, in the municipality of Huitzilac, the body of a trans woman named María Elizabeth Montaño, was found. She worked at the National Medical Center and was an advocate for care for people in the LGBT + community.

Shortly before 4:00 pm, the Morelos Police received the report on the discovery of the body of the trans woman, on the Mexico-Cuernavaca federal highway, at kilometer 54, at the height of the town of Tres Marías, in the municipality from Huitzilac.

Among the belongings of the trans woman, credentials were found that identified her as head of the Educational Quality area. María Elizabeth was reported missing on June 8, in the Doctores neighborhood of Mexico City.

The woman had been missing for ten days, after which she was found lifeless. So far the Morelos State Attorney General's Office has not released information on the conditions in which the doctor was found.

An autopsy concluded that she had died as a result of "ingested compounds", but reportedly irregularities in the investigation have led to suspicion of the autopsy results,

Cuernavaca, Mor.- The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) concluded the autopsy on the body of María Elizabeth “N”, 47 years old, trans doctor of the XXI Century National Medical Center of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and strengthened the hypothesis of suicide by taking medication.

After the LGBT activist has been missing since June 8, and her body was found on the side of the Mexico-Cuernavaca federal highway, the FGE reported that pathology studies began and sent tissue samples to specialized laboratories to define the ingested compounds and it was the corresponding damage to the organs that led to her death.

"Investigations at the time, and according to statements by her own relatives, María Elizabeth had expressed her desire to deprive herself of life and it is through an email scheduled to be received after her disappearance that she left a posthumous message to her relatives,” the FGE reported in a statement.

María had studied medicine at La Salle University and specialised in emergency treatment, but reputedly she was also a very effective teacher, activist and educator.

MEXICO CITY - Dr. María Elizabeth Montaño Fernández liked to use an allegory to explain what gender is: she fixed her deep gaze on the audience and asked her to imagine a man named Alfred going out on the street one bad day and He was run over by a car.

The vehicle cut Alfred in half, and although the doctors managed to save his life, he was amputated from the waist down. "Even though that man has lost his genitals, is he still a man?" Montaño asked with bright eyes during a debate held on September 28, 2019. "Of course we do, because what makes us men or women is not what we have between our legs, but our brain."

María's Facebook and Twitter profiles are and

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