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Aysu Mammadli

Age 28

18 Jun 2020
Baku (Azerbaijan)

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Aysu Mammadli
Aysu Mammadli [photo:]

Aysu was stabbed 11 times by a client. Police blamed her for her own murder and her family refused to collect her body from the morgue because she was trans.

The family of a trans woman and sex worker killed by a client in a horrific attack refused to collect her body from the morgue or attend her funeral.

Aysu Mammadli, a sex worker, was stabbed 11 times by a client on June 18 and died of her injuries in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital.

She was 28, and been disowned by her family for being trans.

Mammadli’s death was first reported by journalist Avaz Hafizli, who told OC Media that police informed him Mammadli has been stabbed in the head, neck, chest and back at the client’s home in Baku’s Khatai district.

“[They said that] in the morning, the neighbours saw traces of blood on the floor and called the police,” Hafizli said.

“Police broke into the flat and found the body inside. Now a murder investigation has started in the Prosecutor’s Office.”

The police issued a statement blaming Aysu for her own death, claiming that he stabbed her 11 times in "self defence".

Aysu's funeral was held four days after her death, but her family refused to attend.

A trans friend of Mammadli told local news that the dead woman’s family had refused to collect her body from the morgue because of her gender identity.

Queer rights activist Seymour Nazar confirmed this, adding that Mammadli’s funeral on June 22 was attended by six friends from the local queer community – none of her family were there.

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