TDoR 2020 / 2020 / May / 21 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 30

21 May 2020
Taubaté, São Paulo (Brazil)
Beaten and run over

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Name Unknown

The victim died after being beaten and run over by a client. Her assailant was arrested after fleeing the scene.

A [trans woman], approximately 30 years of age, died after being beaten and run over this Thursday morning (21) in the rural area of ​​Taubaté. According to the Civil Police, the crime took place in the Chácara Dallas neighborhood, after a disagreement between the 28-year-old murderer and the victim.

The two had a fight after a program and argued harshly, until the assailant tried to leave the scene and ran over the [trans woman]. After that, the two continued to argue and the killer beat the victim, who was unconscious.

The assailant tried to flee the scene, but residents who heard the argument went to the scene and tried to stop him from leaving but he still managed to escape. They called the police, who made a quick search and found the criminal hidden in a thicket near the crime scene.

The SAMU (Mobile Emergency Service) was called, but the [trans woman] died at the scene.

The assailant was caught in the act and will face murder charges. Police have not been informed whether the man will be charged with willful or wrongful murder, or whether there were aggravating factors.

Report added: 13 Jun 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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