TDoR 2020 / 2020 / January / 20 / Maya Haddad

Maya Haddad

Age 27

20 Jan 2020
Tel Aviv (Israel)

Maya Haddad
Maya Haddad [photo:]

Maya reportedly died by suicide. She had been disowned by her family, who refused to attend her funeral.

Maya Haddad, the 27-year-old Israeli transgender activist that was the symbol of the transgender protest in 2018, passed away yesterday, apparently after self-harm.

We must fight, be louder for transgender folks, everywhere.

Rest in power Maya.

Community member Liaoz Levy told “I always knew who she was, but I knew her much better after the stabbing incident, which happened in July 2018. Maya made the gender transition at 15, and has since been thrown out of her home. The end. She came to Tel Aviv and found her tribe, but was in great distress. In fact, her whole story boils down to the fact that the family didn’t want to contact and haunt her.”

Maya Haddad’s funeral is expected to be the responsibility of the pride center and to be a private event of the trans community. “The family did not agree to an autopsy and did not want responsibility for the burial arrangements,” says Levy. “It is important for me to make it clear that when there is no support from the family, when the family is estranged, persecuted, does not recognize her child – this is what brings a person into very difficult mental states. We all need to learn that a child does not come with a swap note, it is impossible to get it, and people should To take responsibility for their children. If families support their children, those offspring can live a full, beautiful and good life. “

Report added: 2 Feb 2020. Last updated: 14 Feb 2020

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