TDoR 2020 / 2019 / November / 17 / Uber Agudelo Meléndez ("La Popis")

Uber Agudelo Meléndez ("La Popis")

Age 41

17 Nov 2019
Restrepo Valle, Valle de Cauca (Colombia)

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Uber Agudelo Meléndez ("La Popis")
Uber Agudelo Meléndez ("La Popis") [photo:]

Uber was stabbed by an unidentified assailant - reportedly after bricks had been thrown at her. She died after being taken to hospital.

Uber Agudelo died in in Restrepo Valle after receiving severe blows and wounds to the body. She was 41 years old and recognized in the municipality as "La Popis". Her grieving sister Juliana said she was a cheerful person who made people laugh, although she could be a bit intense sometimes when she got drunk.

So far they do not know how the homicide occurred and they hope that the police will soon determine that. Her funeral will possibly be Tuesday or Wednesday after Buga Legal Medicine releases her body.

Meanwhile the authorities have begun an investigation to locate the murderer, said Colonel Óscar Cárdenas Comandante (E) of the Valle Police. Apparently La Popis was attacked in a fight with a sharp weapon. She died after being transferred to the San José hospital in the municipality.

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