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Jessa Remiendo

17 Sep 2019
Bolinao, Pangasinan (Philippines)

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Jessa Remiendo
Jessa Remiendo [photo:]

Jessa's naked body was found on Patar Beach on the morning of Tuesday 17th September. Her right eye had been gouged out and her neck almost cut through.

MANILA, Philippines – A transgender woman was killed after being hacked multiple times in Bolinao town in Pangasinan.

The stripped and bloodied body of Jessa Remiendo was found on the white sand shore of Patar on Tuesday, September 17, according to Noreen Barber, overall president of the United Pangasinan Association LGBTQ+.

The incident was confirmed to Rappler by Bolinao town police chief Major Dennis Cabigat, who agreed that the killing was "unusual."

According to the police report, Remiendo was out drinking with coworkers and her sister at the Valdevia Resort late on Monday, September 16, when she decided to buy some cigarettes. She never returned.

Her body was found in the morning, her neck "almost completely cut through," and her right eye gouged with a slash.

Barber said police are already investigating the case with one lead.

Remiendo's killing sent a shockwave of fear among the transgender community in Pangasinan, said Barber. It was the first time as far as she could recall that a transgender woman was murdered violently in the province.

“We have a trans community here. We are widely accepted and we work together," Barber said.

She described the community as so accepted that they are not afraid to walk in public, to have boyfriends, and to marry. She was more surprised because Remiendo was known among them as one of the kindest transgender women in the province.

"I couldn't imagine it happening. She was so kind. She was family-oriented," Barber said. –

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