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Giselle Andrea Gutiérrez Valencia

Age 26

31 Aug 2019
Engativá, Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)
Possible suicide

Giselle Andrea Gutiérrez Valencia
Giselle Andrea Gutiérrez Valencia [photo:]

Giselle died from propane gas poisoning in her bathroom. Her body was found lying on a mat by her ex-partner.

The body of Giselle Andrea Gutiérrez Valencia, 26, was lying on a mat and inside the bathroom of the Carrera 109 A-63A -35 apartment in the Villas Del Dorado neighborhood in Engativá and a few meters from a gas stove.

The young woman who belonged to the Lgbti Differential Focus group probably entered into an emotional crisis and decided to take her life silently.

EXTRA managed to learn that Gutiérrez Valencia, who was a professional stylist in the Engativá area, was found by her former sentimental partner who took her to the Hospital.

The circumstances of her death are being examined by the authorities to know the true cause of what happened.

From the moment she arrived in the neighborhood the young woman earned the love and respect of the residents and coworkers of the beauty salon where she worked after completing several hairdressing courses in one of the well-known academies of the city. Her work was very professional, and her services were in great demand.

During this period she met his partner with whom she managed to establish a beautiful relationship, which lasted until the day of her death. The cupid-headed ones leased an apartment on a third floor where respect and love reigned.

On Saturday, August 31, the evidence seems to indicate that hours before her death Giselle was doing several chores concerning her profession and once she finished, she went into her home and probably led by depression, decided to end her life. The theory suggests that she took the gas stove to the bathroom, laid a mat, opened the valve and let the propane gas out.

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