TDoR 2019 / 2019 / May / 26 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

26 May 2019
Old Hyderabad City, Telangana (India)

TDoR list ref: tgeu/26-May-2019/Name Unknown

Name Unknown

The victim was one of a group of transgender women in Hyderabad’s old city area attacked by a mob who believed false rumours spread via WhatsApp.

Another person has been killed by a mob on the basis of a fake WhatsApp rumours. In Hyderabad’s old city area, a group of transgender women were attacked by a mob who believed that they were part of a dacoit gang out to kidnap children, based on WhatsApp forwards. One of the women was killed by the mob.

The incident took place in Chandrayangutta. According to the police, four transgender women had traveled to Hyderabad from Telangana's Mahabubnagar district, and were seeking alms during Ramzan.

Close to midnight on Saturday, local residents stopped them and started questioning them. The mob then attacked them, and two of the women were badly injured. A video of the incident shows the police trying to ward off the angry mob even as two people lay motionless on the ground.

Report added: 13 Nov 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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