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Jesusa Ventura Reyes

Age 25

19 May 2019
Fortín, Veracruz (Mexico)

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Jesusa Ventura Reyes
Jesusa Ventura Reyes [photo:]

Jesusa was kidnapped on Saturday 18th May. Her decapitated body was discovered the following day, and her head was subsequently found in an abandoned cooler.

Jesusa had begun her gender transition just two years ago.

Veracruz.- The human head that was found this Sunday in front of the municipal palace [town hall] of Fortín de las Flores, corresponded to the person legally called [deaname] Ventura Reyes.

Relatives of the victim confirmed that she was a transgender woman.

The trans girl went missing 24 hours ago, when she was deprived of her freedom and did not arrive at her home, according to police reports.

The first thing that was learned about her appearance was Sunday afternoon, when the family learned of the appearance of a corpse with features similar to that of Ventura Reyes, but decapitated and with signs of violence.

The police lifted her remains and moved them to the Semefo, but during the night a second report was received about the presence of armed men who left an abandoned cooler with a head inside, in the esplanade of the municipal palace [town hall].

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