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Nika Surgutskaya

Age 25

10 Apr 2019
Kursk (Russia)
Strangled and dismembered

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Nika Surgutskaya
Nika Surgutskaya [photo:]

Nika was reportedly strangled by her date after he discovered that she was transgender. He then dismembered her body, cooking parts of it and flushing others down the toilet.

Her remains were found following a police raid on his apartment after Nika's mother reported her missing. Dr Mikhail Tikhonov, 27, was arrested.

Note that one Russian language report disputes the reliability of parts of the narrative above, suggesting that "Tikhonov" was possibly someone previously named Arthur, who had issues with mental health, and that the victim had known for some time.

Initial reports incorrectly named Nika as "Nina". Her VK profile is


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