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Sandrielly Vasconcelos

Age 24

6 Apr 2019
Boa Višta, Roraima (Brazil)
Tortured and stabbed

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Sandrielly Vasconcelos
Sandrielly Vasconcelos [photo:]

Sandrielly's body was found on the morning of Saturday 6th April. Her hands and feet were tied and there was a deep cut in her neck, stab wounds on her body and burns on her back.

The body found on Saturday morning (6) was the [trans woman] Sandrielly Vasconcelos, 24, reported this afternoon the Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgender of the State of Roraima (Aterr), which is monitoring the case.

The victim had a burned back, tied hands and feet, and was severely cut in the neck.

The cause of death, according to the Legal Medical Institute (IML), was hypovolemic shock, internal bleeding, caused by stab wounds.

The corpse was found around 8:30 am Saturday in a plowed area that gives access to the 'Crocodile Bath', the Ring Road region, west of Boa Vista.

Sandrielly was wearing underwear, and there were other clothes wrapped around her, according to the Military Police, who were there to isolate the area until the arrival of the Civil Police.

Sandrielly's Facebook profile is,297003.jhtml

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