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Dianna Rodrigues

Age 16

2 Apr 2019
Itu, São Paulo (Brazil)

Dianna Rodrigues
Dianna Rodrigues [photo:]

Dianna was found dead by her mother.

This morning, the students of the Cícero Siqueira de Campos school received the news of the death of Dianna Rodrigues, 16 years old. She was found dead by her mother at home last night.

"Her schoolmates wondered what happened, because she had not said anything," says the director of the Regional Education Board, Claudemir Braz de Campos. When he heard about it, he went to school and talked to the principal. "The school seemed to understand how to handle her transgender condition," he says.

According to him, the teachers talked about the subject with the students, who were very shaken. "At the funeral, a homage was paid to her, she was a very well liked person and no one imagines the reasons for what happened."

According to him there are other transgender students in the municipality and the Board supports them. They even have the right to use the social name in the call list. "We already had a case where the school itself held a contest to help choose the social name of a student." Dianna Rodrigues was the social name of [deadname] Rodrigues de Paula, name of birth.

"It is of the utmost importance that we stop to look, listen, welcome, embrace our children and young people. Bring them close to us and offer the help we need. It is necessary to invest in the emotional health of the human being, because this investment is a drive for life, for hope, "says psychologist Daniela Martinez Avila.

Dianna's Facebook profile is

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