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Mayla dos Santos

4 Mar 2019
Coari, Amazonas (Brazil)

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Mayla dos Santos
Mayla dos Santos [photo:]

Mayla was found dead in her home in the Amazonino Mendes neighborhood of Coari. She had been stabbed several times in the neck and back.

A [trans woman] who was known as "Mayla" was found dead on the morning of this Monday, 4th, at her home in the Amazonino Mendes neighborhood, municipality of Coari, 363 kilometers from Manaus in a straight line.

The body was already in a state of decomposition and, according to reports from some of the transvestite's neighbors, in the early hours of last Saturday, 2, they heard many screams coming from "Mayla's" house.

As the transvestite always took his group of friends to have fun with him and the noise in his house and intense on weekends, no one imagined that he was screaming because he was being killed.

At around 10 am one of the residents went to check if he was in the property and came across the body in the room.

The police were notified and found that the transvestite was murdered with several stab wounds.

Report added: 5 Mar 2019. Last updated: 8 Oct 2022

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