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Vicente Vera Párraga ("La Verito")

22 Feb 2019
Quito (Ecuador)

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Vicente Vera Párraga ("La Verito")
Vicente Vera Párraga ("La Verito") [photo:]

La Verito was stabbed 10 times in his apartment. The brutality of the murder suggested that the attack was a hate crime.

The murder of a trans leader in Quito known as "La Verito" has shaken the LGBT movement in Ecuador. Human rights activists from that country said it was a homophobic crime.

"Sources of relatives as well as friends indicated that her was brutally stabbed 10 times in his apartment, in the city of Quito," they said in the document.

The organization stressed that "La Verito" fought for the recognition of the violation that the Ecuadorian State caused to the trans groups of the LGTBI community in the 80s and 90s of the last century, when they suffered repression, confinement, torture, disappearances and murders at the hands of part of the National Police.

"The Ecuadorian State has so far not recognized its crimes of serious human rights violations committed against trans groups in the aforementioned decades, nor has it been concerned with recognizing and repairing them fully," he said.

He also said that this situation pushed "La Verito" and his companions to convene meetings, "to seek the speed of their cases in different instances mediating the State in order to obtain justice ."

The Ecuadorian LGBT movement rejected "strongly the violence that was raised against life" of the secretary of the Coccinelle collective and demanded that the State bring those responsible to justice and accelerate the processes for the recognition and reparation of the victims. de-la-referente-trans-lgtb-de-ecuador-recibio-10-punaladas-en_943777

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