TDoR 2019 / 2019 / January / 21 / Quelly da Silva ("Jeninha")

Quelly da Silva ("Jeninha")

Age 35

21 Jan 2019
Campinas, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Quelly da Silva ("Jeninha")
Quelly da Silva ("Jeninha") [photo:]

Quelly was stabbed to death with a shard of glass by a man who found her alone in her family's bar. He then ripped out her heart and took it back to his home.

Police found her body with an image of a saint placed on it and her chest cut open. Caio Santos de Oliveira, 20, was arrested and confessed to killing her. Police found Quelly's heart wrapped in a cloth in a cupboard in his home.

Her murderer, Caio Santos de Oliveira, had found her alone at the property on the night of the crime. According to neighbors of the bar, he "was prowling the neighborhood speaking that it had to kill someone not to die".

The killer used shards of glass to kill the trans woman and remove her heart. The organ was found wrapped in a cloth in a wardrobe at the home of the killer, who also stole $250 and electronic devices from the victim, examinations pointed out that he was not under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.

After killing and plucking the heart of the transvestite using a glass bottle, the killer placed an image of Our Lady Aparecida on the victim's chest, so that the saint's crown was next to the left arm of the victim.

The case was registered as a "simple homicide and theft", but it was plainly anything but.

Yesterday a guy killed a trans woman, plucked and stored her heart and left a Saint on the dead body, here in Campinas, 30 min from my house. The murderer confirmed, smiling and saying, "He was a demon, I ripped his heart out.This is it. It was not my acquaintance.I knew him at midnight."

This happened yesterday. There is exactly one week the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, said in a video made by her that gays want to ban the Bible from Brazil. A few days before, she also said that a boy wears blue and a girl wears pink, or some other dizziness like that, and I do not even need to remind her of her and her team's efforts to end the "gender ideology."

In an interview with TV Câmara in November 2010, the current president, Bolsonaro, said that "a choir" would make the children stop "getting like that, kind of gay." In an interview with Playboy magazine in 2011, the president said he would be unable to love a homosexual son. In fact, he said, "I'd rather have my son die in an accident than show up with a mustache around. He's going to die for me."

The only thing that changes from yesterday to today, at least is what it seems to me, is that for those who are LGBT + the fear grows and walking in the street is gradually becoming a terrifying thing. And even more frightening is having to live with people who can not relate any of this to the attitudes of the current government and its staff, or who think that the corruption and communism or threat of the PT making Brazil a Venezuela are more relevant than than people being brutally killed. And by people, yes, it means LGBT +, blacks, women and other minorities. We are also people, not demons that need to be killed, our hearts torn out and a saint placed on top of our body.

There is a further twist to this story, as Quelly was herself allegedly responsible for killing a 17 year old trans girl named Pérola 10 years earlier in January 2009 (see According to her brother, the motive was jealousy.

In fact the same [Jeninha/Quelly da Silva] lived 4 years in a friend's house and went on the run ... the msm used the name of Jheninha and (Quelly) on social networks ... which tbm left the run of her hometown in Belém from because she took the life of a 17 year old trans girl with multiple stab wounds and nothing was done about it.

Witnesses including the victim's cousin saw the stabbing and in the desperation to rescue the victim the murderer managed to run away. She was picked up later but was released....Pérola was a friend of this murderous trans woman in Campinas and gave a home and food to her own assassin. If you lived in the neighborhood, you would know the whole story.

In October 2019 Quelly's killer was acquitted following a diagnosis of schizoprenia.

The Justice of Campinas (SP) ordered the hospitalization in psychiatric hospital for two years and criminally acquitted the 20-year-old who killed the [trans woman] Kelly, in Campinas (SP). The crime occurred on January 21 and the victim's body was found with an open chest and a saint on it.

The young man, named Caio Santos de Oliveira, was diagnosed by a psychiatric doctor as having schizophrenia. At the time of the crime, Oliveira stated that he had torn the victim's heart out because she "was a demon".

The defendant was charged with misdemeanor for misdemeanor motives and cruel employment. During the process, the Public Prosecution Service (MP) requested Oliveira's acquittal, with a minimum stay of three years while the defense requested the acquittal and outpatient treatment.

In the ruling of 23 August, Judge Jose Fernando Steinberg ruled that Oliveira is unputable and opted for hospitalization for two years, as suggested by the expert doctor who diagnosed schizophrenia.

Quelly's Facebook profiles are and,0,0,1458570,homem+que+matou+e+arrancou+coracao+de+travesti+e+absolvido.aspx

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