TDoR 2019 / 2019 / January / 20 / Sheilla Prado ("Sheilla Bombom", "Candy")

Sheilla Prado ("Sheilla Bombom", "Candy")

Age 28

20 Jan 2019
Tubarão, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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Sheilla Prado ("Sheilla Bombom", "Candy")
Sheilla Prado ("Sheilla Bombom", "Candy") [photo:]

Sheilla died after jumping from the Morrotes bridge in the Oficinas neighborhood. At the time she was being threatened by pimps and she jumped after they cornered her.

Around noon on Sunday (20) people saw a person fall from the parapet of a bridge in Tubarão. According to them, the victim would be a woman who fell or would have thrown herself from the Morrotes bridge, which crosses the Oficinas neighborhood in the Blue City, and as soon as it fell, sank in the waters of the Tubarão River.

During the afternoon, friends and relatives of [deadname], 28, a transsexual from the city of Laguna known as Sheilla Prado or also by the social name of Sheilla Bombom, went to the police and reported that the missing person would be Sheilla, who had recently been elected Miss Trans Porto Alegre, in the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

Her case was treated as suicide and her body was found by firefighters two days later.

Sheilla's Facebook profile is

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