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Hande Şeker

9 Jan 2019
İzmir, Anatolia (Turkey)

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Hande Şeker
Hande Şeker [photo:]

Hande was shot by a police officer who entered her home after his (drunk) friend had assaulted and robbed both her and her friend Nil.

Her friend Nil was also injured in the attack. A camera in Hande's living room recorded the "client" during the assault that preceded the subsequent murder - showing that he used homophobic and transphobic slurs, wounded and sexually assaulted both victims and robbed them.

Hande Şeker, a transgender woman in Izmir, was murdered this morning (9.1.2019) with a police bullet in the Alsancak district. The cop who killed Hande is claimed to be the friend of Hande's client. A sex worker transgender called Hande Seker was working in the same house with a trans friend in Alsancak. A man came to his house today (January 9th) who said he was a customer in the morning. After entering the house disguised as a client, the accomplice calling his friend - a police officer who was waiting in front of the building.

The police officer who came to the woman's house shot the trans woman. Hande Seker's friend was slightly injured during the incident. After the incident the lifeless body of the trans woman was removed to be buried and her friend was taken to hospital.

Subsequently the police officer Volkan Hijret, 23, was arrested and tried for murder. A term of 41 years was requested by the prosecution, and in November 2020 he was sentenced to life imprisonment for deliberate murder, 21 years imprisonment for qualified sexual assault, 3 times 5 years and 6 months in prison for robbery, and 2 years for attacking the memory of the victim.,827048

Report added: 18 Feb 2019. Last updated: 31 Oct 2023

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