TDoR 2017 / 2016 / December / 27 / Kelly Manici

Kelly Manici

Age 47

27 Dec 2016
San Prospero, Modena (Italy)

Kelly Manici
Kelly Manici [photo:]

Kelly's body was found inside the Angelica Vip Club on the night of Tuesday 27th December along with that of a cisgender woman (Gabriela Altamirano, 45). Both had been stabbed and Gabriela had also been strangled.

Both were killed by Samuele Turco - Gabriela's ex-boyfriend. After killing Kelly, he then lured Gabriela to her death by sending her a text message from Kelly's phone.

Once again. Already there was a glimpse of some press indiscretion: Gabriela had left a man and he was persecuting her with phone calls, messages, chases. Gabriela had asked for help: she wanted to be left alone. Kelly was her friend. Gabriela was looking for support and defense: Kelly was willing to give her all this.

Two sides of a coin: life and affection on the one hand, and horror and death on the other.

Kelly was a very popular figure in Parmaand province. Originally from Langhirano, she had been the promoter of events and shows in several clubs of the city. Alongside her red light activity, she had animated the night life of the Emilian capital, especially during the 90s, when she promoted some of the trendiest and most loved clubs by young people, not only of the gay community. So today many people wanted to remember "the Kelly" posting a message on social media and remembering one of her irreverent jokes or even one of her many shows that, writes a friend, "had shaken from the torpor this city still too provincial".

Kelly's death was not included on the official TGEU TDoR 2017 list.

Report added: 18 Oct 2018

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