TDoR 2017 / 2016 / December / 13 / Carolina Romero Gurimendi

Carolina Romero Gurimendi

Age 34

13 Dec 2016
Genoa, Liguria (Italy)
Not reported

Carolina Romero Gurimendi
Carolina Romero Gurimendi [photo:]

Carolina's body was found in her apartment wrapped in a bloodstained blanket. The cause of her death was not reported.

Her name was Carolina, she was 34 and her body was found lifeless yesterday in her apartment [on via del Cipresso in Lagaccio] in Genoa. The hypothesis that the investigators are working on is that it was a murder, even though there are no signs of violence on the body that would suggest a fight. Carolina, in fact, was found wrapped in a psorca blanket of blood and, apparently, her death dates back to a few days ago. At the moment there is no hypothesis about who could be the potential killer or the possible motive.

Unfortunately, it is yet another case of a trans person (perhaps) killed in Italy in 2016, even if it is not yet possible to say what the matrix of the murder is. For Carolina, however, there seems to be no peace even when she is dead . In fact, the usual contempt for the dignity of a person who is no longer able to defend herself is taking place on her skin.

Because Carolina was a trans and came from Ecuador. The usual, we said, because by now it is a sad refrain which it seems we cannot put an end to. Many local news sites, in fact, report the news talking about "a transsexual" or even "a man" . The fact that Carolina's photo clearly portrays a woman did not raise the slightest doubt, to those who wrote articles and titles, about the genre to use when talking about the case that concerns her. Transsexual, moreover a prostitute according to some sources (denied by a relative according to whom, instead, she was a caregiver), Carolina does not deserve the minimum respect that is due to every human being, the one that requires us to talk about peoplerespecting the gender they feel they belong to , avoiding disseminating details that are not only not functional to the news, but which in the case of trans people turn into a humiliating violation of privacy.

Carolina's death was not recorded on the TDoR 2017 memorial list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2017.

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