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Melissa Souza

Age 27

7 Dec 2016
Realengo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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Melissa Souza

Melissa's body was found by military police shot dead in the street in Rua Dr. Lessa, in the Realengo neighborhood of the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio - A family from Manaus, Amazonas, lives a race against time in Rio to at least try to give a more dignified “rest” to a loved one buried as an indigent. Relatives of the [trans woman] Melissa were looking for information about her when they found in a Facebook group someone with the same characteristics was killed with five shots in Realengo, in Rio's West Zone. The Homicide Police confirmed the case. Relatives have relocated to solve the problem, but are barred by bureaucracy and the only employee who is never on the job. "It is our right to bury, but the lack of employees here does not allow it," said Fabiana de Souza, 33.

The family could not get the necessary documentation in time and Melissa was buried as a pauper on December 28 last year at Santa Cruz Cemetery. She and her mother, Ivaneide Marques, are staying at the relatives house in Guadeloupe. The crime occurred on December 7th.

According to her sister, the case needs to be investigated. “We believe in homophobia crime. She went to Sao Paulo for nose surgery and the day before had argued with her ex-boyfriend. I've heard that it was a feud with another [trans woman], ” she said. "We are not sure what happened," she added.

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