TDoR 2017 / 2016 / December / 06 / Andrea González

Andrea González

Age 20

6 Dec 2016
Ciudad del Este, Alto Parana (Paraguay)

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Andrea González

Andrea was shot 8 times in the chest at around 10pm on Tuesday 6th December on Avenida San Blas in Ciudad del Este.

Andrea was a trans woman, she was 20 years old, she lived with her family in a humble neighborhood of Ciudad del Este and suffered from a disability that prevented her from listening and speaking. She survived by sex work on San Blas Avenue, along with other trans women who, like her, are excluded from the labor market. That night there were other compañeras nearby, and thanks to their testimony, the crime scene was reconstructed.

That night in December, around 10:30 p.m., a man in a white vehicle approached her. He lowered the window of the car and, without saying a word, began to shoot at her. She received eight bullet wounds and fell dead on the spot.

“They kill us because we are trans women, they kill us out of hatred, they kill us because they do not forgive us for having disobeyed their guidelines and their roles, they kill us because they know they are in a country that does not have the tools to protect us”

Several days after the murder a client, Narciso Melgarejo, was arrested and charged with intentional homicide.

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