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Niurkeli Carguaitongo

Age 33

12 Nov 2016
Nantes, Loire-Atlantique (France)

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Niurkeli Carguaitongo
Niurkeli Carguaitongo [photo:]

Niurkeli (also known as Niurka) was an Ecuadorian sex worker who disappeared after travelling from Paris to Nantes on 15th October 2016. On 21st October her colleague reported her disappearance to the police in Nantes, and her death was confirmed on 12th November.

Niurkeli’s friends found a piece of paper with the phone number of the person they suspected had murdered her and gave the number to the police.

Strass (Syndicat du TRAvail Sexuel or the Syndicate of Sex Workers) condemned her murder:

"Since 2014, Niurka suffered from precarious and deteriorating working conditions in Paris and had to travel regularly to the provinces to maintain her income levels. We attribute the circumstances of her death to a context in which sex workers are forced to take more and more risks by traveling to increasingly insecure and insecure places.

"We are tired of the deaths of our colleagues succeeding one another in general indifference and demanding that justice be done. Niurka lived in Paris with her mother, who always supported and respected her, and it was she who asked STRASS for us to be a civil party during the trial, which we will do."

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