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2 Nov 2016
Laranjeiras, Sergipe (Brazil)

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Lili [photo:]

Lili was shot dead on the night of 2nd November. She was a corn seller.

Murder in the city of Laranjeiras last night 02/11/2016.

According to information, the victim was a corn seller in Areia Branca [and a trans woman].

Note that it is possible that the photo included in this report may not be the same person, as it also appears in two reports (e.g. about the murder of Tâmara Natalia Gomes dos Santos, 16, and José Mateus de Oliveira Santos, 15, inside a residence in Arauá, around 90km away.

TvT partner organisation Rede Trans Brasil & Informações Policiais e Astra LGBT / SE, 02.11.2016

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