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Zoe Nazarena Quispe

Age 36

10 Sep 2016
Palpalá, Jujuy (Argentina)

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Zoe Nazarena Quispe
Zoe Nazarena Quispe [photo:]

Zoe was stabbed 36 times by her partner Jesús Pantaleón Moreno, 26, after an argument at the house they shared.

Moreno went to trial for transfeminicide in May 2019. He was convicted and sentenced to life the following month.

In the courtroom on the second floor of the Courthouse this day will begin the oral debate for the murder of a trans woman, which occurred on the morning of Saturday, September 10, 2016 in a house in the city of Palpalá and the fact that his partner arrives accused of being the alleged author.

Zoe Nazarena Quispe (36) was killed by 36 stabbings in different parts of her body, after a violent discussion with Jesús Pantaleón Moreno (26), after having returned from a dance bowl and entering the house they shared, located on the Avenida Libertad 100 in the San Martín neighborhood of the steel city, between 4 and 7 that morning.

At the trial, in which several trans people who were friends or knew the victim testified, it was stated that Zoe was a victim of violence by Moreno, with whom she had been for two years.

Patricia Garcia, Zoe's sister-in-law who testified at the second hearing, told Presentes that the defendant "was aggressive, beat her." Zoe's father, mother and sisters, especially the older one, Marta Mamaní, saw these assaults.

Father, mother and sister have already declared and related the acts of violence of which they testified. Instead, Patricia said she never knew of these attacks, but recalled that "sometimes" saw "bruises on the arms" of Zoe. However, "I never asked who did this to you? or did you hit? , nothing; It was an error of not asking, "she lamented.

Zoe was a sex worker (like 90 percent of trans people, excluded early from education and work), and lived with her partner in their parents' house. In the trial some it was reported that Moreno was upset when Zoe received messages regarding her work, but then accepted the money that she had earned.

Her sister-in-law, Patricia, said that she witnessed scenes of jealousy by Moreno, "he hid his cell phone, he took out his cell phone," he said. "(The accused) was a very jealous person, he knew how to watch over Zoe with my son, that is, with his own nephew," the sister-in-law recalled. The first three children of García and Oscar Quispe, Zoe's brother, were very attached to their aunt: "They loved her a lot" and every time they went to visit the family, they spent hours talking with Zoe in her room. "But she once raised the issue that Lucas did not want my son to go up to the room because he was jealous of what could happen between them, that is, already a sick guy."

The technical reports did not stop Moreno either. One of those reports confirms that he has a cellopathic personality and that this motivated arguments and aggressions against his partner.

TvT partner organisation Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & La Gaceta, 10.09.2016

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