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Marta Baroni

Age 34

24 Aug 2016
Brescia, Lombardia (Italy)
Not reported

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Marta Baroni
Marta Baroni [photo:]

Marta's body was found in a dumpster. An autopsy concluded that she died from natural causes, however given where her body was found doubt has been cast on this conclusion.

It remains to be understood how Marta ended up in the green dumpster. Useful indications could come from the recording of video surveillance cameras, even those investigated by the investigators.

In the bars and on the benches of the Abba district, where the 34-year-old photographer lived with her mother in an Aler building, nothing is said about this affair. The people who knew her from view described her as a very reserved and shy girl. "He was the one doing his own business," say the owners and customers of the bars in the neighborhood that the 34-year-old attended.

Unanimous also the request of those who knew her, almost a prayer addressed to the investigators: "Investigate thoroughly, because Marta in that dumpster has not ended up on her own.It's impossible, she was too thin, her arms were skeletal: she would never have the strength needed to hoist itself up and then throw yourself into the caisson".

A month earlier she had shared details of threats she had received from a man she had refused to have sex with.

TvT project: Quotidiano & Affaritaliani, 25.08.2016

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