TDoR 2016 / 2016 / May / 01 / W. L. da Luz Conceição

W. L. da Luz Conceição

Age 23

1 May 2016
Macapá, Amapá (Brazil)

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W. L. da Luz Conceição
W. L. da Luz Conceição [photo:]

W. was stabbed by her 19 year old cousin, apparently in revenge for W. killing her own abusive father.

A [trans woman] was murdered on Sunday night, 2, in Bairro Novo Horizonte in the North Zone of Macapá. The accused is the victim's cousin and the military police believe that the motive was revenge. 8 years ago the victim was responsible for the murder of her own father.

According to the police, [deadname] da Luz Conceição, 23, spent Sunday drinking in front of the house where she lived with her family on Rua Paulo do Espirito Santo. She was accompanied by several people, including her 19-year-old cousin Jonatan da Silva Conceição.

At 16, in 2008, [deadname] Conceição had been arrested for the murder of her own father who did not accept her [gender]. “8 years ago this dead [girl] killed her father who hurt her a lot when he found out she was [transgender]. He also beat my sister his mother a lot,” said Aluzio Conceição, the victim's uncle.

At about 7:30 pm, there was an argument between [deadname] and Jonatan that ended in the murder. [deadname] received several stab wounds and died on the spot. The blade broke and got stuck in the victim's body.

TvT partner organisation Rede Trans Brasil & Amazonia ao Vivo, 02.05.2016 [BROKEN LINK]

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