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L. A. da Silva

10 Mar 2016
Londrina, Paraná (Brazil)

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L. A. da Silva

L.'s mutilated and decomposing body was found in a hotel room. Her arms and one leg had been severed.

A [trans woman] was found quartered in a hotel on Rua Pernambuco in central Londrina, late on Thursday afternoon (10).

According to the expert of the Criminalistics Institute of the Scientific Police Larissa Richter, the body of the victim, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, was found under the bed and bound by covers. The corpse was in an advanced stage of decomposition.

"The victim was found without both forearms and right leg. The smell was very strong at the site, indicating that he could have been dead for two or three days," he says.

According to the Londrina Medical Forensic Institute (IML), the forearms were in a suitcase under a bed and the leg was tied close to the body, which was wrapped in blankets under another bed.

In December 2016 Jose Lincoln Betetto Santana, 32, was arrested for her murder. He was remanded in custody the following January.

Judge Marcos Caires Luz issued last Wednesday (4) the custody of Jose Lincoln Betetto Santana, 32, considered by the Civil Police as the perpetrator of the murder recorded on March 10, 2016 against [deadname] da Silva, a [trans woman]. found dead in a hotel in central Londrina. The suspect was arrested in early December in Curitiba by police from the Homicide and Protection of Persons Division (DHPP), with investigations led by police chief Fábio Amaro in partnership with the 10th Londrina Police Subdivision.

The corpse was found under the bed and bound by covers. The strong smell of its advanced state of decomposition aroused the attention of a member of hotel staff. In testimony, he confirmed that Santana had rented the room. Another resident confided that, the day before the body was located, Santana was seen with a saw he had bought. By the time everything came to light, less than 24 hours later, the accused was caught leaving the hotel with a backpack and shaved hair.

With information gathered at the crime scene, papilloscopists identified that the fingerprints belonged to Santana. In the order, the magistrate had no doubt that "there is sufficient evidence of authorship pointing the defendant as the perpetrator of the crime against life found in this police investigation." Santana was arrested in Curitiba working as a security guard for a clothing store on Pedro Ivo Street in the central region.

TvT partner organisation Rede Trans Brasil & CGN UOL, 10.03.2016 [BROKEN LINK]

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